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Farmers' Markets Are Open!!

Time for Farmers’ Markets!!

If you haven’t been to the local farmers’ market lately, I would suggest you take a trip as soon as possible. In Danville, the market is open on Saturday mornings and the most interesting people are either selling or buying. You are bound to run into friends and neighbors.

Saturday, I found Tracy Chaney (pictured) from Misty Meadows Farms (Vernon Hill) with honey and honey products and wonderful grass fed beef. I had pre-ordered bones (I am out of stock!), and she had them packaged and ready to go. I also bought some other meats to bring home for a pleasant surprise. Today I seared chuck-eye and Coulotte steaks for my daughter’s birthday. Wonderful flavor!

We also enjoyed mixed lettuce from Hannah’s Hydroponic farms out of Chatham. Ernest Brandon (Alton) was selling produce, Alice Woodson (Pelham) was selling her tasty Ambrosi Biscotti. There were so many other vendors.

Soon Halifax County, South Boston, and Caswell County farmers' markets will be opening.

We have a wealth of local producers!

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